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“Elevating Wellness: Your Journey to Health Made Effortless with Evolife”

At Evolife, we take pride in providing you with an unparalleled level of convenience and simplicity. When you apply for our system today, you’re taking a proactive step towards better health without unnecessary delays. Unlike our competitors, we prioritize your time and resources. This is why we’ve eradicated superfluous obstacles like extensive tests, intricate bloodwork, and obligatory in-office visits. We believe in a straightforward approach that puts you first, allowing you to begin your Semaglutide journey promptly. With us, you can submit your prescription today and get started on the path to wellness without the wait. Choose ease, choose efficiency—choose Evolife.

“Unlock Your Peak Performance Potential with Evolife Wellness! Take the First Step with Holistic Weight Management.”

Weight Management

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Male Muscle Maintenance

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DNA & Nutritional Diagnostics

DNA and Nutritional Diagnostics botanical solutions


Welcome to EvoLife Wellness, your premier destination for personalized health and well-being. As a dedicated Wellness Consulting Group, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for weight management, muscle maintenance, and innovative DNA and nutritional diagnostics. Our team of experts understands that wellness is a journey unique to each individual, which is why we offer comprehensive consultations to design a program that fits your genetic makeup, lifestyle, and personal health goals. Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, enhance muscle tone, or uncover the nutritional plan your body is genetically predisposed to thrive on, EvoLife Wellness is committed to guiding you through a transformative experience rooted in science and aligned with your quest for optimal health with our entire inventory all accessible to you.

Start Your Wellness Goal in 3-Easy Steps
No Insurance Needed – No Hidden-Fees

1. Health Questionnaire

Fill out a brief online medical form and provide your doctor with information about your health and prior attempts at weight loss.

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2.Telehealth Call

Speak with your new doctor, who can prescribe the weight-loss drug Semaglutide GLP-1 to you.

FaceTime Consultation

3. Get Meds Every 30 or 90 Days

Every five weeks or every 90 days, you’ll receive your medication in the mail directly from the pharmacy.


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Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

At EvoLife Wellness, we’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their peak health and wellness through a comprehensive approach. Our philosophy is based on three key areas: weight management, male muscle maintenance, and enhancement and libido support.

With our weight management program, we understand that losing weight can be challenging. That’s why we offer pharmacological intervention with Semaglutide to help clients achieve their goals. Our team of professionals will work with you to create a customized strategy that fits your unique needs and preferences.

When it comes to male muscle maintenance, we believe that maintaining muscle mass is essential for overall health and vitality. Our specialists will examine your blood work and create a tailored treatment plan based on your individual goals and needs.

For enhancement and libido support, we recognize the importance of sexual health to overall wellbeing. Our team of specialists will evaluate your blood results and symptoms, and work with you to develop a strategy that promotes optimal sexual health and addresses any concerns you may have.

At EvoLife Wellness, we use cutting-edge DNA and nutritional diagnostics to identify any nutritional imbalances or deficiencies that may be impacting your health. Our personalized nutrition plans are based on your unique DNA and are designed to help lower risk factors and improve your overall health. With a customized plan in place, you’ll have the tools you need to maintain optimal health for the rest of your life.

At EvoLife Wellness, we’re committed to providing life-changing services that empower our clients to take control of their health and wellness.


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Are you ready to have the best sex of your life spontaneously, with no pills, potions, or prayers needed? Are you ready to regain your muscle mass, strength, and libido? Are you ready to fall in love with your partner all over again? Then, read carefully.

How Testosterone Will Evolve Me!

– Promotes lean muscle and bone density

– Increased libido, virility, and vitality

– Fat loss, especially in the abdomen

– Increased mental acuity

– Increased confidence

Science Backed!
Doctor and Nurse Approved!

Our programs use up-to-date medical knowledge to provide the best results possible. Meet your new care team!


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Personalized genetic testing

Why can a genetic test benefit everyone?

​- Improve vitality and energy levels

– Improve mood, focus, and concentration

– Lower stress

– Expedite healing

– Get insight into your genetic vulnerabilities and, most importantly – learn how to mitigate them!

– Empowers you to be in control of your health

A genetic report is generated using your 23andMe data that enables us to examine several bodily systems to determine which ones you require the most support.

Dr. Natalie Myronyuk examines more than 100 genes, and a strategy is developed in light of the results. It takes several hours to finish this process. However, you will know how to make the best decisions based on your genetic makeup. You’ll get the ability to manage your health!

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Option 3 – Have a Staff Member Call You

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Science Backed.
Doctor & Nurse Approved.

All of our programs use the most up-to-date medical knowledge to give you the best results possible. Meet your new care team!

Horace Dobson, RN & Founder

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Dr. Natalie Myronyuk | Genetic Code Expert | Certified Hypnotherapist

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Dr. George Rucker Medical Director

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